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At Home in Naperville - June 2011

Photos: Greg Shapps

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Meet Your Neighbors

A man’s house is his castle…and this local château is fully equipped for family fun.

Years in Naperville: 11
Favorite room in this house: “Depends who you ask! We are very fortunate to have different spaces that appeal to the different members of our family. Our favorite thing about the house is that it feels lived in and there are countless stories about all of the furnishings.”

Favorite thing about Naperville: “Living walking distance from town as we spend a great deal of time enjoying everything that it has to offer. Also, watching our own children and the kids in the neighborhood grow together in an area that is full of remarkable people.”

Quick Tour

General location in Naperville: Historic District
Years in Naperville: 11
Size: 3,500 square feet
Lot size: 50' x 150'
Year Built: 1900
Addition: 1998
Garage: 2005
Renovations: Ongoing
Architect/Builder/Designer, Garage and basement: Shiffler Builders
Landscaper: J.W. Ruhl Landscaping Services
“The garage was designed to provide additional family space that is useful no matter what time of year it is. Opening the barn doors to the back yard gives us additional space for the children and also removes the element of bad weather when entertaining. The fireplace was built with the intention to extend the seasons, so it is used on the greatest summer evenings, crisp fall days, during the worst of winter, and it welcomes spring a couple of weeks early when it is otherwise too cold to be outside.”